60th Anniversary: Celebrating the Uncelebrated


In 1962, the Hong Kong Museum of Art (then known as the "City Hall Art Gallery & Museum") was founded with its first home at the City Hall. It later relocated to its current site in Tsim Sha Tsui in 1991, and was temporarily closed in 2015 for a major renovation and expansion, that culminated in its reopening with a fresh new look in late 2019. In the past six decades, the museum has never wavered from its mission to preserve and pass on the cultural legacies of art, by organising blockbuster exhibitions and displaying the museum's precious collections, while being gifted with important works by generous donors. Each of these milestones were the talk of the town. As we looked back on the years gone by, we realised that many stories had lain obscured from public consciousness. These unknown yet colourful anecdotes document the growth of the museum, and even the city ─ from its humble origins as an economic backwater to its international standing today as one of the most developed cities in the world. It's a legendary success story, filled with tales of fascination and wonder.

Let us take a step back, and celebrating the uncelebrated  ─ stories that are quintessentially, uniquely Hong Kong! 

A Thousand at Night at the Museum (2022.12.09)

To celebrate our 60th birthday, more than a THOUSAND friends enjoyed Night at the Museum with us. HKMoA would like to thank all of you who shared the divine moments of the Museum's 60th Anniversary — we celebrated classical melodies alongside classical collections!

Your support for HKMoA is the most special birthday gift. We are grateful to you all for making this once-in-a-lifetime event so memorable!

Commemorative Exhibitions and Programmes

"60 Years of Cultural Dynamics" Façade Art Display

2022.04.30 – 2023.01.04

To coincide with the 60 years of history, Hong Kong artist duo Hung Lam and Eddy Yu create a set of eye-catching façade artworks for the HKMoA. Situated on the other side of the Victoria Harbour, the façade artwork for the Hong Kong City Hall echoes with ours across the harbour that symbolises the relation between the Museum and City Hall since the establishment in 1962.


Beyond the frames: from perceiving frames of context to experiencing art in itself 

Talk - 60 years in a blink: From MA to MoA

Date: 2022.08.14 (Sun)
Time: 3:00 - 4:30pm
Venue: Recital Hall, 8/F, Hong Kong City Hall High Block
Moderator: Dr Maria Mok
Speakers: Mr Gerard C C Tsang, Prof Joseph Ting
Language: Cantonese
Format: Hybrid event

HKMoA has been actively promoting art in Hong Kong and hosting countless memorable events since its establishment in 1962. The talk will be hosted by Dr Maria Mok, Museum Director of the HKMoA, she will be joint by Mr Gerard C C Tsang, former Chief Curator of the HKMoA, and another former senior colleague of HKMoA, Professor Joseph Ting, who is the current Leisure and Cultural Services Department Expert Adviser, to share the transformation of "MA to MoA" over these 60 years.

Please click here to watch the video recording.

60 Years of Cultural Dynamics

Video of "60 Years of Cultural Dynamics"

60th Anniversary Programmes of Hong Kong City Hall


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