Angela Yuen Land Ho! and Bovey Lee Bird Song‧Flower Scent: A Site-specific Art Installation


  • Date
    From 2023.11.10
  • Venue
    The Wing (Lower), G/F
  • Fee

Two Hong Kong artists are invited to create site-specific art installations with inspiration from the museum collection and their various characteristics, co-creating a novel and unique aftertaste.

Angela Yuen turned found objects into a kinetic art installation Land Ho!. Through the light and shadow, the work creates images superimposing on the wall and forms an enigmatic landscape, which tells the artist’s feelings towards Hong Kong and its diverse culture. Meanwhile, cut paper artist Bovey Lee has hand-cut a large rippling pond and constructed a world of Bird SongFlower Scent with the technology of augmented reality, providing a “breathing space” from the hustle and bustle of the city.

*Temporarily closed from 2024.06.17 to 2024.06.30. Open to public on 2024.07.01.



【Artist Sharing】 (Concluded)

The artists will share their creative process and explain the philosophy behind their creations. They will answer questions and engage in discussions with the audience. A gallery tour by our Curator Mr Sunny Tang would follow to provide you with a deeper understanding of the art installation as well as the “Art Personalised: Masterpieces from the HKMoA” exhibition.

Date: 2023.07.08 (Saturday)
Time: 2:30 – 3:30 pm (Artist sharing); 3:30 – 4 :30pm (Gallery tour)
Venue: The Hall, 1/F, Hong Kong Museum of Art
Speaker: Ms Angela Yuen and Ms Bovey Lee
Language: Cantonese
Fee: Free
Quota: 100* (Artist sharing); 50* (Gallery tour)

*Enrollment is not required. Limited seats available on a first-come, first-served basis.