Angel Hui Hoi-kiu Make a Wish: A Site-specific Art Installation


Make a Wish is a grand party that marks the 500th anniversary of the Jiajing Emperor's ascension to the throne and the diamond jubilee of the Hong Kong Museum of Art. Viewers are greeted with an epic visual feast, with over 500 underglaze blue porcelain items occupying a 14-metre dining table. Viewers can indulge themselves as honoured guests at this opulent gala and take a seat at the table anytime to get a closer look at treasures from a different time and space. The visual excitement adds festive joy and whimsical fun to the celebratory occasion.

Hui Hoi-kiu, Angel is a Hong Kong artist known for her ink work on tissue paper in recent years. She received her BA in Visual Arts from Hong Kong Baptist University in 2014 and MA in Experimental Art with Distinction at the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) in 2017. Fascinated by daily objects, Hui often discovers new meanings in them by twisting traditional art form and appropriating common materials to become part of her artwork. A promising and emerging artist, her works have been exhibited in museums and galleries locally and internationally.

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    3/F Lobby, Hong Kong Museum of Art
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