City Rhymes: The Melodious Notes of Calligraphy


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    Hong Kong Art Gallery, 2/F
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Chinese calligraphy is the only script-based form of art that has thrived for over a millennium in the course of human civilisation. From purely a medium of communication, it has evolved into an embodiment of abstract aesthetic that represents the calligrapher's spirit and sentiments. This exhibition features over seventy artworks by Hong Kong artists from the collection of the Hong Kong Museum of Art. By exploring the interplay between calligraphy, prose and poetry, dance, painting, and music, the exhibition offers visitors a unique opportunity to discover the essence of calligraphic works through the lens of their own experience and interests, while re-examining the significance of preserving our cultural tradition amid the constant advances of technology.

Extension Activity

Talk Series: "City Rhymes: The Melodious Notes of Calligraphy" Exhibition

In collaboration with local artist/art critic Chan Sai-lok, the HKMoA has invited a local artist together with experts and scholars in art and literature to discuss and share their insights on topics concerning calligraphy and literature over the space of two sessions.

Date: 2022.8.6 (Saturday) (Talk 1: Literature Becomes Flesh)
            2022.9.17 (Saturday) (Talk 2: Very Good, Very Hong Kong Calligraphy)
Time: 3:00–5:00pm
Venue: B/F Lecture Hall, Hong Kong Museum of Art

Language: Cantonese
Fee: Free admission
Seats allocated for each session*: 100

*Please click on the following link for video recording of the talks.
Link to Talk 1:
Link to Talk 2:

For programme details, please click HERE