Dimension Plus The Seasons Field : A Site-specific Art Installation


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    Jingguanlou Gallery, 4/F
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Artists in the past and today often moved by the grandeur of nature while travelling. Among the Jingguanlou Collection, plenty of the masterpieces by Shanghai School artists Xie Zhiliu and Chen Peiqiu were created after their immersion in nature. Local artists Keith Lam and Seth Hon from art and technology team Dimension Plus created The Seasons Field, an installation inspired by the painter couple’s works after their travels through natural landscapes. It uses AI algorithms to transform their depictions of the four seasons into a panoramic view that is superimposed onto a paddy field. This arrangement captures the seasons transitions and Xie and Chen’s different painting patterns, weaving a “New Canvas” that features landscapes of the seasonal cycle. “New Canvas” integrates various media as well as art forms like digitalisation and analogy, to provide an unprecedented emotional and sensory experience. The Seasons Field is on display in the exhibition “A Match Made in Painting: Selected Works of Xie Zhiliu and Chen Peiqiu from the Jingguanlou Collection”, inviting audience to immerse in dimensions where they can experience the duo’s sentiments towards nature.

Dimension Plus was founded by artist Keith Lam and curator Escher Tsai. Based in Hong Kong and Taiwan, the group focuses on art creation and curation, as well as the promotion of education and exchange in art tech. Their works have been exhibited worldwide, including at the Italy, Japan and Austria.