HKMoA Online Resources on International Platforms


    Enjoy art without boundaries! We have shared our learning resources with online platforms Smithsonian Learning Lab (SSL) and Museums for Digital Learning (MDL) to encourage the cultivation of art through the existing materials of museum. 

    Renowned as the world’s largest museum complex, the Smithsonian Learning Lab is a virtual knowledge hub organised by the Smithsonian Institution. Educators are supported with teaching guidelines and strategies to create unique and lively classroom activities based on the online contents. Chinese Art-related learning resources selected by the HKMoA are now available on the platform. Museums for Digital Learning is an online platform that aims to transform museum resources into inspiring interactive classroom materials. Museums worldwide, including the HKMoA, have participated as content contributors in MDL to provide a flexible and independent learning experience. 

    We look forward to meeting you in the virtual classroom! 

    HKMoA @ Museums for Digital Learning:

    HKMoA @ Smithsonian Learning Lab: