Portrait Play


Created by new media artist Chu Lik-hang, Henry, "Portrait Play" is an interactive exhibition made up of images from HKMoA's diverse collections. Its set-up comprises a large LED screen, movable benches and three touchscreens. The programme presents images of eyes, noses and mouths derived from nearly forty works of art. Visitors can swivel the benches to alter the portrait constituted from a combination of these images, create their unique self-portraits using a different combination of facial features or even recreate their own faces.

We hope to spark your creativity as you interact with great works of art from HKMoA in a refreshing way. By taking part in this interactive exhibition, you will have the opportunity to project and see yourself in a brand-new light while discovering art from unique and interesting perspectives.


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  • Venue
    The Attic, 5/F
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