The Connoisseurship and Collection of the Master of Chih Lo Lou


For the literati in ancient China, collecting painting and calligraphy is an elegant pursuit that speaks to the impermanent nature of antiquities. Knowledge of connoisseurship is crucial to the collecting of Chinese painting and calligraphy. Immersing oneself in painting and calligraphy helps nourish a noble mind and a forgiving heart. The virtues and character of the ancient painters and calligraphers can be kept alive in their works so much so that they can spread teachings and reinforce social relationships.

Featuring 30 sets of works from the Chih Lo Lou Collection, the exhibition gives an insight into the anecdotes of Ho Iu-kwong, the Master of Chih Lo Lou's encounter with art as well as his concepts of collection building in tribute to his contribution to Chinese culture and his lofty sentiments. The establishment history of the Chih Lo Lou Collection not only reveals the development of collecting in Hong Kong, but also the crucial role the city played in preserving traditional Chinese culture.

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    Chih Lo Lou Gallery of Chinese Painting and Calligraphy, 4/F
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  • Poems following the tone pattern of <i>Suwu man</i> in running-regular script900Poems following the tone pattern of Suwu man in running-regular script
  • Landscapes901Landscapes
  • Monk Budai902Monk Budai
  • Landscapes903Landscapes
  • Ink plum blossoms904Ink plum blossoms
  • Dream journey among rivers and mountains905Dream journey among rivers and mountains
  • Landscapes depicting poems of Huang Yanlü906Landscapes depicting poems of Huang Yanlü

Talk Series

The Hong Kong Museum of Art will launch a talk series to tie in with the exhibition, inviting two scholars in the field to give differently themed talks that share their research on Guangdong and Hong Kong collecting history. The talks will be conducted on 4 and 11 March respectively at the Lecture Hall of the HKMoA.

Talk 1

Public Talk Series of “The Connoisseurship and Collection of the Master of Chih Lo Lou”: From North to South: The Circulation of Chinese Paintings and Calligraphies taking Guangdong as a Case Study

Date: 2023.03.04 (Saturday)
Time: 2:30 – 4:30pm
Location: Lecture Hall, B/F, Hong Kong Museum of Art
Speaker: Dr. Liang Jiyong
Format: Live
Language: Cantonese

About the Talk:

During the Qianlong to Daoguang period, Guangdong became the wealthiest region in China due to its bustling export trade. As a result, many art works from Jiangnan were brought to the south and acquired by collectors in Guangdong. Indirectly, this led to the Lingnan School of painting flourishing in the late Qing dynasty. A great amount of exquisite works from this period can be found in the Chih Lo Lou Collection. In this talk, we will explore the background and impact of these seminal developments in Chinese art.

About the Speaker:

Born in Guangzhou, Liang Jiyong holds a PhD in ancient literature from Zhongshan University and is a calligrapher, painter, collector, and musical historian. His research focuses on the history of Guangdong during the Ming and Qing dynasties, with recent publications including Dao cong ci ru: Qingdai hanlin yu Xianggang (Tracing their paths: The Hanlin academicians of the Qing dynasty and Hong Kong). He is currently an Honorary Research Associate of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the Deputy Editor of the magazine Artist, and President of the Hong Kong Gu Qin Association.

【Talk 2

Public Talk Series of “The Connoisseurship and Collection of the Master of Chih Lo Lou”: Untold Stories of Collecting in Hong Kong

Date: 2023.03.11 (Saturday)
Time: 2:30 – 4:30pm
Location: Lecture Hall, B/F, Hong Kong Museum of Art
Speaker: Mr. Hui Lai-ping
Format: Live
Language: Cantonese

About the Talk:

The speaker will share collecting stories in Hong Kong from the end of the 1920s through the 1960s, drawing upon letters, intelligence, diaries, newspapers pertaining to the trade of Chinese paintings and calligraphies that he has collected over the years, as well as first-hand knowledge and observations he gained over decades in the collectors’ circles. Beginning with the establishment of the Chih Lo Lou Collection, the speaker will reveal little-known anecdotes, including the return of relics that had been stranded in Hong Kong, the secret acquisition team set up by the Chinese Communist Party, its members and senior leadership, their targets, and how these people were vying to acquire artefacts. This engaging talk will be the first time many of these stories are revealed to the public.

About the Speaker:

Born in Macao in the 1950s, Mr. Hui Lai Ping is a historian and an avid collector of paintings, calligraphy and historical documents. He is the founder of Philosophos Society and Han Mo Xuan, as well as the Han Mo periodicals.