Touching: A journey through Chinese landscapes from the Xubaizhai Collection (Phase 2)


Chinese landscape painting does not merely represent scenery, it also expresses the artist's temperament and aspirations. With paintings as "tour guides", this exhibition offers six fascinating travelling routes for you, whether depicting a life in seclusion, portraying an imaginary spectacle, recording an excursion, offering a perspective on a scholar's studio and garden, illustrating lines of verse or revitalising traditional styles. Chinese landscape artists create a world where the viewer is free to wander around and relax in the joys of nature. The second phase featuring more than 20 works from the Xubaizhai collection, this exhibition provides an opportunity to explore the essence of Chinese landscape paintings, as they invite you to walk through their scenery, view, travel and simply live in nature.

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    Xubaizhai Gallery of Chinese Painting and Calligraphy, 2/F
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  • 400Exhibition Overview
  • Autumn mountains401Autumn mountains
  • Clouds at Mount Huangshan402Clouds at Mount Huangshan
  • Scholar in autumn mountains403Scholar in autumn mountains
  • Evening cruise by the Red Cliff404Evening cruise by the Red Cliff
  • Landscape after Dong Yuan405Landscape after Dong Yuan
  • A dream journey to the mountains and rivers406A dream journey to the mountains and rivers
  • Plum blossom studio407Plum blossom studio
  • Fifteen views of the garden408Fifteen views of the garden
  • The streams of Tiandu409The streams of Tiandu