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In loving memory of the late Mr Cheung Yee (1936-2019)


In loving memory of the late Mr Cheung Yee (1936-2019)

We are sad to announce that Mr Cheung Yee, an outstanding Chinese artist, passed away aged 83 on 4th December 2019 at 0:48 a.m. in Los Angeles, California, United States of America.

Mr Cheung Yee was an internationally recognised Hong Kong artist and a pioneer of Hong Kong modern sculptures. In 1964, he co-founded the Circle Group with peer artists, a group of pioneers in pursuit of innovation in Hong Kong modern art. Establishing a distinctive and unique artistic style in his sculptures and prints, Mr Cheung Yee juxtaposed Western modern art ideas with traditional Chinese cultural and artistic elements. His works were collected by the Hong Kong Museum of Art and Hong Kong Heritage Museum.

As a lifelong dedicator to the development of the local art scene, he taught at the Department of Design, Hong Kong Polytechnic and the Department of Fine Arts, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, and was the Chairman of the latter to nurture talents for many years. He was also one of the very few Chinese artists in Hong Kong who received the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, Member class (MBE) in 1979 to acknowledge his exceptional artistic innovation and contributions.

We highly appreciate his contribution in promoting Hong Kong art hand in hand with the Leisure and Cultural Services Department as a Museum Expert Advisor over the years. Mr Cheung will be missed and he will always be remembered.