Collections & Resources
Collections & Resources
Major Donors
Year Major Donor(s) Donation
Sir Catchick Paul Chater
Some 400 historical pictures were donated, but only 94 works remained after the War. The collection includes oil paintings, watercolours, sketches, prints and photographs. Most of these are based on landscape scenes of the South China trading ports in the 18th and 19th centuries, or British activities in China.
Sir Robert Ho Tung
Some 80 historical pictures mainly comprising oil paintings and watercolours depicting the daily life and landscape of trading ports and the South China coastal region in the 18th and 19th centuries. Among the highlight pieces are works by the renowned George Chinnery.
Mr Wong Po-yeh
The bequest of Guangdong painting and calligraphy given by renowned Guangdong painter Wong Po-yeh is one of the foundation collections of the Museum.
Mr Ho Tse-chung
Mr Ho's donation of Guangdong paintings and calligraphy further strengthened the foundation of our Guangdong collection.
Mr Brian McElney
The Museum received 63 pieces of Chinese antiquities from Mr Brian McElney. Most of these are Qing ceramics and various artefacts made of bamboo, such as bamboo boxes, incense burners, cricket cage and wrist-rest.
Dr K.S. Lo
Dr K.S. Lo donated 605 pieces of tea ware and related vessels sampling most important examples from well-known major kilns from as early as the Western Zhou period to the 20th century. Yixing wares including teapots, tea cups, figurines and objects for the scholar's studio dated from the Ming and Qing dynasties to the 20th century comprise half of the founding collection.
Dr Simon Kwan
37 items donated by Dr Simon Kwan from 1984 to 2001 brought to the museum a valuable set of jade burial shroud from the Han dynasty, lacquer wares and pottery from the Warring States, black lacquer bowls from the Song dynasty, some Qing ceramics, and, last but not least, some 19th to 20th century examples of beautifully painted porcelain plagues in Qianjiang and fencai enamels by famous porcelain painters Jin Pingqing, Tian Hexian and Wang Yeting.
Dr Ip Yee
Dr Ip donated to the museum 204 pieces of bamboo carving from the Qing dynasty showing the great feasibility of bamboo in terms of forms and style. There are bamboo brush-pots, incense holder, wrist-rest and bamboo carving modeled as diverse animals, vegetables and even legendary or mythological characters.
Mr Woo Kam-chiu
The donation includes 238 pieces of Shiwan figures based on diversified subjects taken from mythologies, native legends, popular novels and history. Some are masterpieces by great 20th century Shiwan artists such as Chen Weiyan, Huang Guzhen and Pan Yushu.
Mrs Kwok On
The Museum received from Mrs Kwok On 8 Shiwan figures, including figures of old men and Luohan by the renowned 20th century Shiwan artist Liu Zuochao, and 68 pieces of Shiwan-made daily vessels, such as bowls, plates, flower pots, vases, and censers in pomegranate red, Jun-like suffusions and blue-feather glaze.
Mr Low Chuck-tiew
A donation of over 600 artworks from the Xubaizhai Collection of Chinese paintings and calligraphy date from the Northern Dynasties through to the twentieth century. The collection is particularly strong in works by the masters of the major schools of the Ming and Qing dynasties.
Taiyilou Collection
The Museum received from Mr. Lau Siu-lui the largest ever collection of about 1000 Guangdong paintings and calligraphy from his Taiyilou Collection. This invaluable gift becomes one of the Museum's core collection.
Ms Mok Yuk-ngan
33 Chinese paintings and calligraphy by the late Mr Xie Liqing were donated to the museum, including calligraphy in various scripts, such as seal, clerical, regular, cursive and running scripts. Xie always use "Four Junzi Flowers" as the theme of his paintings.
Mr & Mrs Cheung Kalam
From 1992 to 2002, 35 pieces of pottery and ceramics from as early as the Neolithic period, through Han dynasty and the Warring States periods to mid-Qing were donated to the Museum. In 1995, on bequest of Dr and Mrs Cheung Pak-sheung, Mr and Mrs Kalam Cheung donated to the museum another 20 pieces of artefacts, including some rare glass vessels from the Six Dynasties.
K.S. Lo Foundation
The donation includes 25 pieces of ceramics from the Song to Ming dynasties and over 600 pieces of carved seals from the Ming and Qing dynasties to the 20th century. The 690-piece-donation has become the permanent collection of the second-floor Exhibition Hall in The K.S. Lo Gallery, which has served as the new wing of the Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware since 1995.
Ms Jeanette Hsu
20 paintings by the late Mr Wong Siu-ling were donated to the museum, including oil paintings and watercolour dating back to the 1940s to 1960s in themes of figures and landscape of the U.S.A. Wong's watercolours possessed the rare quality of harmonious contrasts. His portraits always mirrored pathos of life vividly.
Mr Lee Ben & Mrs Chan Lee, Silmey
20 oil and watercolour paintings by the late Mr Lee Byng were donated to the museum, including paintings on landscapes of Hong Kong during the 1930s to 1950s. In the tradition of Impressionism, Lee's works are characterized by succinct brushwork and bright colours.
Mr Ng Po-wan
20 artworks by Mr Ng Po-wan were donated to the museum by the artist, including sketches, paintings in oil and watercolour with landscapes and figures as the main themes. Ng's works are invariably characterized by bright palettes that convey a cheerful atmosphere yet his figures always project his social commentary on the dark side of the society.
The Friends of Hong Kong Museum of Art
The Chinese painting handscroll of Crisp Air in Mountains and Lakes by the master of Huang Binhong is a treasury gift from the Friends of the Hong Kong Museum of Art.
Mr Fan Chai
Mr Fan Chai's donation includes many 20th century Chinese paintings in the theme of his Ten Thousand Plum Blossom Studio.
Bei Shan Tang Foundation
The installation A Book from the Sky by Mr Xu Bing, which is a landmark in Chinese Contemporary art history, was purchased with funds from the Bei Shan Tang Foundation. Xu's work powerfully merges Chinese and Western elements. He created imaginary Chinese characters with movable wooden blocks, hand-printed in traditional Chinese stitch-bound format and vertical scrolls, and displayed in the form of a large-scale installation.
Mr & Mrs Kwok Sau-po
The donation includes 57 pieces of ceramics, mainly tea-bowls, small vases and plates, dated from the Northern and Southern Song dynasties, through the Yuan and Ming dynasties. The majorities of these were made by, and show great local characteristics of, local kiln sites such as Cizhou wares from Hebei, Jizhou wares from Jiangxi, and Yaozhou wares from Shannxi.
Mr Sun Zhonghong
120 artworks by the late Sun Xingge were donated to the museum, including ink paintings of shrimps, crabs, plum blossom, orchids and landscapes as well as calligraphy. These artworks represent Sun's style in the later year.
Mr C. P. Lin
A set of ink paintings 2001 Autumn 1-9 by contemporary Chinese painter Wang Chuan was a gift from Mr C.P. Lin.
Mr Wu Guanzhong
11 masterpieces of ink and oil works by the 20th century Chinese master Wu Guanzhong including The Two Swallows, Waterway, and Victoria Harbour which as specially painted for the Museum.
Mr Liu Guosong
4 important ink paintings by Mr Liu Guosong were donated by the artist, including a huge painting in a set of 11 in the theme of Space, a rare painting of the Tibet Series employing the paper-fibring method, and the representative painting The Sun is Coming from the 1970s.
Ms Linda Chang
818 Chinese paintings by over 100 contemporary artists were donated to the museum. Created primarily during the 1980s and 1990s and coinciding with the reform and open-door policy of China, the paintings feature a variety of themes and styles that fully reflect the impact of the shift in the political and social tide during this historically significant period.
Ms Lam Kei-hoi & Ms Lam Kei-shui
72 representative Chinese paintings and calligraphy by the late Mr Lin Jen-tong were donated to the museum, including paintings of plum blossoms that Mr Lin was noted for, landscapes, figures and calligraphy, etc. Research materials such as articles by Mr Lin and references on art education in Hong Kong were also included.
Ho's family and Hong Kong Fine Arts Association
84 items including 63 Chinese painting and calligraphy from all periods of the artist He Qiyuan and 21 items of artwork made for the artist by his contemporaries.
Mr Hon Chi-fun
13 representative paintings by Mr Hon Chi-fun was donated to the museum by the artist, including oil paintings from the 1960s representing his early style, acrylic paintings from the 1970s in the theme Circle and recent creations since the 1990s with retrospect and break-through style.
Mr Huang Yongyu
The Chinese painting Lotus of the Qiushuian painted in 2004 by Huang Yongyu is not just a representative piece of the artist's recurrent creations but also a special gift to the museum.
Ms Phung Lehong(Mrs Lau Ping-hang)
71 representative Chinese ink paintings by the late Mr Lau Ping-hang were donated to the museum, including paintings in gongbi and heroic vigour character from the 1950s to 1990s. The donation also included research materials such as poems and articles on art as well as activities of the art circle pertaining the artist, etc.
The Friends of the Hong Kong Museum of Art
2 artworks selected from the "Hong Kong Art Biennial" exhibitions were donated to the museum. The sculpture Agenda No.1 2003 by Mr Freeman Lau manifests his thoughts about human relationships, while the photographic work Artificial Landscape Series by Mr Almond Chu shares his care about the destructive impact of human activities on Nature.
Asia Society Hong Kong
The installation United Nations Series – China Monument : Temple of Heaven by Mr Gu Wenda, which is a landmark in Chinese Contemporary art history, was donated to the museum. By weaving hair from people from over 300 countries, Gu created scrolls of "pseudo-script" by which he raises questions about social connections and culture co-existence. He also hopes that his work could be a spiritual space for visitors.
Ms Wong Man-or
Ms Wong Man-or carried out the behests of her father, the late Mr Wong Hon-kiu by donating 43 items of Chinese calligraphy by Mr Wong Hon-kiu, and the collection of Mr Wong such as Chinese painting and calligraphy and seal carvings by Mr Jian Jinglun, etc to the museum. Mr Wong excelled in calligraphy and was particularly noted for writing clerical and Zhangcao cursive scripts.
Association of Artistic Exchange of Painting and Calligraphy of the Guangdong People's Political Consultative Conference
A set of 329 ink-rubbings covers almost all styles, scripts and schools in the history of Chinese calligraphy. The Ming and Qing calligraphic works are particularly noted.
Wucius Wong
4 representative paintings showing different creative stages of the artists in the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s were donated to the museum by the artist.
Mr Wong Tai Shing, Mr Huang Dade and Mr Wong Wing Fai
153 artworks by Huang Bore were donated by the Wong's family to the Museum. These important sketches includes the scenery of Aberdeen, Stanley, Lantau, Ngong Ping, Yuen Long, Sai Kung, Po Toi Island, Lamma Island and etc, revealing the beautiful natural landscape of Hong Kong in the 1950s-60s.
The Friends of the Hong Kong Museum of Art and the Ink Society Ltd.
"Floating Reeds" by international renowned installation artists Mr Ming Fay. "Floating Reeds" is a garden created by Mr Ming Fay based on his years of research on organic forms. This works touches on the issues of "East and West", "reality and fictional" and "traditional industrial materials".
Mr Chow Su-sing, Johnson
32 important Chinese ink paintings by renowned Lingnan master Mr Chow Su-sing Johnson, including a number of large-scale works.
Mr Wong Tai Shing, Mr Huang Dade and Mr Wong Wing Fai
47 more artworks were donated by the Wong's family to the Museum including 43 sketches of scenic spots in Hong Kong and China, 2 ink paintings by Huang Binhong and a letter of Zhang Daqian.
Mr Wu Guanzhong
Another 33 paintings including 12 oil paintings mostly done between 2008 and 2009, and 21 representative works of ink done between 2005 and 2009 were donated to the Museum by master Wu.
Mr Fung Wing-kee, Raymong
"Once Upon a Time", the monumental piece featured in the artist's solo exhibition "Hong Kong Lyric: Ink Paintings by Raymond Fung" in 2010.
Mr Wu Guanzhong
5 more ink paintings were donated to the Museum in June 2010 by master Wu including Faces Unchanged, done in 2001 and the other 4 donations, namely Nest, Illusion, Awakening and At Rest which were done in February 2010, representing literally his last corpus of works.
Ms Chang S P, Constance
Donation of two pieces of Lu Shoukun's paintings from the late 1960s, including one that was co-painted by the donor, Lu Shoukun, Wong Po-yeh and one other fellow painter.
Mr Stewart Wong Donation of two albums of bird and flower paintings by Chow Su-sing.
Ms Leung Siu-mee
The wife of the late Mr Ha Bik-chuen, renowned local artist, donated nine sculptures and two print master boards by Ha. These works were exhibited in "From Common to Uncommon – the Legend of Ha Bik-chuen" at the Hong Kong Museum of Art in 2011.
Mr Kingsley Liu, On Behalf of Ms Irene Chou
Donation of one acrylic painting by Irene Chou from her late years. Chou specially painted this work in 2006 as a gift to Hong Kong Museum of Art to celebrate its 50th Anniversary. Though she passed away in 2011, Mr Kingsley Liu, a friend of hers, kindly helped completing her good will to donate.
Ms Lo Hing-kiu, Ms Lo Hing-shuen and Mr Lo Hing-huai
The successors of Mr Lu Jianteng, former Head of Sales Department of Overseas Chinese Daily News, donated forty-eight works from his collection of Chinese painting and calligraphy by renowned Guangdong artists including Zhang Daqian, Chao Shao-an, Cheng Kar-chun, Shen Zhongqiang, Huang Junbi, Liang Boyu, Cen Guangyue and Ou Jiangong.
Ms Low Shui Yin, Florence
Ms Low has continuously supported our Museum over the years. She donated 65 items of prints and newspapers consist of depictions of the major cities, trading ports and historical incidents of China in the 18th and 19th centuries.
The Ink Society
Donation of a monumental calligraphy measuring 6 meters long by 11 meters wide in cursive script by Professor Wang Dongling. Professor Wang brandished his brush in situ at the Sculpture Court of the Hong Kong Museum of Art for this work on the Chinese Valentine's Day in 2013.
Ms Phong Lehong
Donation of twenty pieces of seal used by the late Mr Liu Bingheng by his wife Ms Phong Lehong. These seals were made by different carvers from Guangzhou. Chen Youchi, Luo Shuzhong, Tang Jisheng, Chen Bingchang and Luo Xiaoshan are among those who made good friends with Liu in Hong Kong.
Mr Chen Chi Cho and Ms Lo Shui Fun
Mr Chen Chi Cho and Ms Lo Shui Fun donated 15 items of Chinese painting and calligraphy including the precious calligraphy works by the Qing dynasty scholars who got the first three positions in the highest imperial examination: Liu Chunlin (Number One Scholar), Zhu Ruzhen (Second), Shuang Yanliu (Third), and also other successful candidates like Kai Youwei.
Mr and Mrs Pao Yi Min
The Museum received 103 pieces of Chinese inkstones, dating from the Eastern Han to the 20th century, donated by Mr and Mrs Pao Yi Min. Most of them are Duan inkstones, She inkstones, Chengni inkstone and Tao (he) inkstones, which are popularly known as the "Four Famous Inkstones" in China. Among the highlight pieces are works with inscriptions by renowned Qing master Huang Xin Tian.
Dr Hector Rodriguez
Donation of Res Extensa (2003) by Dr Hector Rodriguez, an award-winning work at Hong Kong Art Biennial Exhibition 2003 from the artist.
Mr Tao Wan's Family
Donation of a total of fourteen pieces of works by Mr Tao Wan (1911 – 2004) from Tao's Family in 2012 and 2015.
Mr Wesley Tongson's Family
Donation of seven ink paintings dated from the late 1980s to 2000s by Mr Wesley Tongson (1957-2012), including his distinctive works of color-splashing and finger paintings expressing his own authentic voice on paper.
Ms Lui Tai
Ms Lui Tai (Born 1926) donated a set of twelve hanging scrolls The Righteous Song by Wen Tianxiang in Clerical Script (Dated 1970) to the Hong Kong Museum of Art. It is a masterpiece done in the mature stage of her life.
Mr Wong Yi
Ms Josephine Kwok, wife of the late Mr Wong Yi (1952 - 2017), a renowned martial arts novelist in Hong Kong, respected the wish of his husband and donated works of his teacher Mr Ding Yanyong, including three pieces of ink painting, two oil paintings and three seals, to the Hong Kong Museum of Art. 
Mr Wu Guanzhong and his family
The Museum received the works and personal archives of Wu Guanzhong (1919 – 2010) from his family, including oil paintings, ink paintings, sketches, seals that he used, manuscripts and certificates. Thanks to the generous donations from Wu and his family over the years, the Museum now has a huge collection of over 450 items.


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