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From Dung Basket to Dining Cart: 100th Anniversary of the Birth of Wu Guanzhong (Phase II)


Wu Guanzhong (1919 – 2010) was an internationally acclaimed master with comprehensive knowledge of art of both the East and the West. He dedicated his entire life to exploring the modernisation of Chinese ink painting and the localisation of oil painting, and created many masterpieces that juxtapose the aesthetic perspectives and connotations of traditional Chinese ink paintings with contemporary Western art. A permanent "Wu Guanzhong Art Gallery" was established at the Hong Kong Museum of Art with an aim to showcase the master's donated works and related collection.

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Wu Guanzhong, this inaugural exhibition showcases over 100 representative paintings of Wu in two phases, including the works donated to the Museum by Wu Guanzhong and his family over the years and also private collections from Hong Kong and beyond. Apart from the classic paintings in ink and oil, there will also be sketches, painter's box, painting tools and documents he used when studying in France and so on. The exhibition will not only be honouring Wu's contribution to Chinese art but also paying tribute to his artistic pursuit for over half a century.



  • Date
  • Venue
    Wu Guanzhong Art Gallery, 4/F
  • Fee


    • 800 Exhibition Overview
    • 801 Painter's box of Wu Guanzhong Painter's box of Wu Guanzhong
    • 802 Figure painting in Paris (III) Figure painting in Paris (III)
    • 803 Citronella treatment factory on Hainan Island Citronella treatment factory on Hainan Island
    • 804 Loofah fruits Loofah fruits
    • 805 Two swallows Two swallows
    • 806 Day and night Day and night
    • 807 The Xidi Village The Xidi Village
    • 808 Leaving youth behind Leaving youth behind
    • 809 Matchmaking on a wall Matchmaking on a wall
    • 810 Cypresses Cypresses
    • 811 A net (metropolis) A net (metropolis)
    • 812 Victoria Harbour Victoria Harbour

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