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Wu Guanzhong: Sketching Vitality


In 1974, Wu Guanzhong (1919-2010) saw the four ancient cypresses for the first time in Suzhou. He was so excited that he made a three-metre-long A sketch of Chinese cypresses, the original draft. In the ensuing decades, Wu created multiple works inspired by the long sketch, highlighting the rhythm and vitality of nature of these ancient cypresses.

The exhibition features the original sketch of Chinese cypresses, along with other selected sketches and paintings from the museum's collection and video footage of the ancient trees. Join us as we explore these enduring muses of the great master and how they influenced him throughout the years of his creative life.

A special thanks to Dr Lee Kar-tai, Phoebus for the music composition Cypresses Triptych・Nature・Root・Vigour. The three independent movements could form a greater work by superimposition. Its form is inspired by intertwining lines of A sketch of Chinese cypresses, the original draft, in which Wu Guanzhong depicted the aged beauty and vitality of nature from multiple perspectives. The complete movement could be accessed on the "Audios" page.

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    Chih Lo Lou Gallery of Chinese Painting and Calligraphy, 4/F
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  • Exhibition Overview 800 Exhibition Overview
  • Chinese cypresses and other works 801 Chinese cypresses and other works
  • Original music: <em>Cypresses Triptych・Nature・Root・Vigour</em> — I. Nature 802 Original music: Cypresses Triptych・Nature・Root・Vigour — I. Nature
  • Original music: <em>Cypresses Triptych・Nature・Root・Vigour</em> — II. Root 803 Original music: Cypresses Triptych・Nature・Root・Vigour — II. Root
  • Original music: <em>Cypresses Triptych・Nature・Root・Vigour</em> — III. Vigour 804 Original music: Cypresses Triptych・Nature・Root・Vigour — III. Vigour
  • Original music: <em>Cypresses Triptych・Nature・Root・Vigour</em> — IV. Cypresses Triptych 805 Original music: Cypresses Triptych・Nature・Root・Vigour — IV. Cypresses Triptych

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