Hong Kong Art Research Portal (Enriched Version)
Hong Kong Art Research Portal (Enriched Version)
Frequent Ask Questions (FAQs) When Using The Hong Kong Art Research Portal

1. What is the Hong Kong Art Research Portal? 
The Portal is an online platform, established with the vision of providing access to digitised information and material about Hong Kong art. In the first stage, Hong Kong Museum of Art will initiate the project by sharing our Hong Kong art related material. This currently comprises lists of exhibitions, artists, publications and art education material, research projects and collection records that link to images, digitised texts and videos and more. The Portal is still developing, and we hope to collaborate with other institutes so members of the public can access more Hong Kong art related material in the future.  

2. What is the purpose of the Portal? 
We hope to promote Hong Kong art through shared material and information in order to encourage more academic research. Therefore, we begin by sharing the museum's archival materials. Phase I of the Portal aims to initiate and gradually develop easy access to Hong Kong Art related material. On our road map, other institutes will organise their material and share them on the platform in Phase II and beyond. The Portal is still developing, and we anticipate further Hong Kong art related contributions in future.  
3. What kinds of materials are included? 
Hong Kong Art Research Portal (Pilot Phase) is still being tested. As the contributions to the portal increase, its scope will expand to include more material. During this phase, the Portal's framework will be based on the Museum of Art's chronology, as follows:  
1962 – 1990
The time span of the City Museum and Art Gallery at City Hall.  
1991 – 2015
The time span of Hong Kong Museum of Art in Tsim Sha Tsui.
2016 onward 
From commencement of renovation work at the Hong Kong Museum of Art and during the museum's transformation. 
Materials available include posters, invitation cards and exhibition layout photos. Please note that some file sizes are quite large for downloading. 
Research Projects
Since 2013, we have collaborated with other institutions on a series of research projects. Material such as interview video clips, documents and references digitised under the umbrella of the project will continue to be made available online. 
This searchable databank contains details for public reference of all the collections in the Museum of Art.  
This section consists of biographies, articles and video programmes on individual artists. If you are looking for material concerning an individual artist in our collection, you may access our collection databank online. Due to copyright limitations, some video programmes listed are available for on-site viewing only. These are mainly in Cantonese, with some of the spoken language in English or Putonghua.
Art Education
Hong Kong art related lectures, seminars and conferences are listed in this section. Audio or video recordings may be available for a limited number of the programmes listed. The art projects listed are records of various artistic and educational programmes conducted by the museum related to Hong Kong art. 
Past exhibition catalogues, pamphlets, booklets and museum newsletters are available online. Typically, for online exhibition catalogues there are only the front and back covers and tables of contents. If you wish to check which of our catalogues are available for sale, please click here for a detailed catalogue list. Also, some of our catalogues are available at Hong Kong Public Libraries for loan services.
4. Are all of the materials listed accessible? 
Digital copies of the pilot phase materials are available for viewing online through this platform. "Reserved" materials may be viewed on-site upon request. Only a limited number of materials can be accessed at our temporary office in Kwun Tong during the museum renovation. For enquiries about on-site viewing of material, please contact our staff. 
5. How could I access "Reserved" material? 
The museum is now closed for a major renovation and expansion project. During the museum closure, our resource centre is also closed, and not all items can be viewed, but we are trying our best to facilitate viewing requests for a limited amount of material, arranging viewing times by appointment. If you are interested in viewing this material, please contact our staff at +(852) 2734 2114 or email mmklo@lcsd.gov.hk using "Hong Kong Art Research Portal" as the subject line, for further details. 
6. How do I learn about a work of art related to the Museum or a particular artist?
Basic information on our collected items is accessible in the collection databank online. Since the museum participation in the Google Art Project, information on more than 100 artists and 140 collections is also available for public access.
7. Can I perform a full-text search across all of the materials in the Portal? 
Keyword search is not built into the Portal, but you may search by the category of your required information. Moreover, you can use Google's advanced search feature and type the terms you want.
8. Why can't I find the exhibition once organised by the Museum and others?
During this pilot phase, the platform can only provide Hong Kong Museum of Art's digitised information and materials about Hong Kong art. The Portal is still developing, and we expect more contributions from other art institutes in future. Due to various limitations and restrictions, we cannot cover all the exhibitions, activities and publications in which we have participated, organised and supported over the years. As the Portal is still being tested, there may also be some technical issues to solve and we are well aware that there is room for improvement in the current phase. If you find this platform unstable in any way, or if you have any comments, please let us know. Thank you very much for bearing with us.
9. What's next on the Portal? 
As we share the museum archive in this first phase, we have already kick-started the second phase. We are planning to invite other museums, academic institutions, and research organisations to our Portal in Phase II. The Portal is still developing, and we expect more contributions from other art institutes in future.
10. What if I need the image or information for publications or commercial use?
Information and images presented on the Portal may not be reproduced in any form for commercial purposes, without written permission from the copyright holder(s). We are not able to proceed your request if the copyright of information/image is not retained by Hong Kong Museum of Art. A fee may be charged, depending on the nature and type of proposed use and the availability of the images requested. All requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. To request publication and commercial use of materials owned by the Hong Kong Museum of Art, please first contact the Museum's Registration unit by phone +(852) 2734 2181 or +(852) 2734 2174.
11. What is the contact for enquiry and comments? 
You may reach us by phone at +(852) 2734 2114 or email mmklo@lcsd.gov.hk.
12. I wish to learn more about exhibitions organised by the Hong Kong Heritage Museum. What should I do?
Just contact us at +(852) 2734 2114 or email to mmklo@lcsd.gov.hk to tell us your request and we shall forward it to the related officer at the Heritage Museum.
13. What should I do if I have an enquiry on the material found in hyperlinked external archive? 
Just contact us at +(852) 2734 2114 or email to mmklo@lcsd.gov.hk to tell us your enquiry and we shall forward it to the archive owner for reply.

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