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Included here are records of the exhibitions organised by the Hong Kong Museum of Art (HKMoA) and the Hong Kong Heritage Museum in relation to local art development. The exhibitions of the HKMoA are listed from its opening in 1962 to the present day.

The Hong Kong City Museum and Art Gallery, formerly HKMoA, opened in 1962 and occupied the top three floors of the City Hall High Block, Central. Its facilities soon became insufficient. In 1991, the Museum moved to its current location in Tsim Sha Tsui. It closed for renovation to upgrade the facilities and increase exhibition space in 2015 and reopened in 2019.

New materials will continue to be uploaded.

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    • Year
      Invitation Cards
    • Year 2021
      Code EH2021.0002
      Title New Horizons: Ways of Seeing Hong Kong Art in the 80s and 90s
      Posters JPEG, 2.60MB
      Invitation Cards ---
      Material PDF, 16.9MB
    • Year 2021
      Code EH2021.0003
      Title NOT a fashion store!
      Posters JPEG, 1.62MB
      Invitation Cards ---
      Material PDF, 8.50MB
    • Year 2021
      Code EH2021.0008
      Title When Form Matters: Following the Path of Lui Shou-kwan to Zen Painting
      Posters JPEG, 3.00MB
      Invitation Cards ---
      Material ---
    • Year 2019
      Code EH2019.0001
      Title Hong Kong Experience.Hong Kong Experiment
      Posters JPEG, 1.22MB
      Invitation Cards ---
      Material PDF, 44.3MB
    • Year 2019
      Code EH2019.0006
      Title Classics Remix: The Hong Kong Viewpoint
      Posters JPEG, 3.11MB
      Invitation Cards ---
      Material PDF, 40.6MB
    • Year 2019
      Code EH2019.0008
      Title Ordinary to Extraordinary: Stories of the Museum
      Invitation Cards ---
      Material PDF, 24.1MB
    • Year 2019
      Code EH2019.0010
      Title The Breath of Landscape – Indoor Chapter
      Posters JPEG, 1.15MB
      Invitation Cards ---
      Material PDF, 25.7MB
    • Year 2019
      Code EH2019.0011
      Title Rediscovering Landscape
      Posters JPEG, 3.24MB
      Invitation Cards ---
      Material PDF, 13.3MB

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