Art Personalised: Masterpieces from the HKMoA


  • Date
    From 2023.11.10
  • Venue
    The Wing (Upper), 1/F
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Everyone’s personality is unique, and so are the characteristics of different artworks.

We have handpicked nearly 100 gems from the Hong Kong Museum of Art’s four core collections, and categorised them into four personality traits to present a multi-faceted world of art. Before viewing the exhibition, we invite you to take a personality test to find out which characters and traits best describe you. Then enter the four specially curated exhibition zones, where you can look for your “match” among the artworks on display.

Meanwhile, artist Joey Leung has custom-made corresponding hand-painted characters for the selected artworks, and exclusive scents are crafted for different exhibition zones for you to experience a special and personalised aesthetic journey.


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  • Exhibition Overview200Exhibition Overview
  • <i>Waters and mountains</i> by Wu Guanzhong201Waters and mountains by Wu Guanzhong
  • <i>Metal tree</i> by Lam Yau-sum202Metal tree by Lam Yau-sum
  • Jar with dragons amidst wave design in underglaze blue203Jar with dragons amidst wave design in underglaze blue
  • Carved red lacquer box with bird and flower design204Carved red lacquer box with bird and flower design
  • <i>Versifying under the influence of wine</i> by Chen Hongshou205Versifying under the influence of wine by Chen Hongshou
  • Tea bowl with hare’s fur striations in black glaze206Tea bowl with hare’s fur striations in black glaze
  • <i>Avadavat and bulbul</i> by Guan Lianchang207Avadavat and bulbul by Guan Lianchang
  • <i>Fountain.Fan Kuan vs Duchamp</i> by Zhang Wei208Fountain.Fan Kuan vs Duchamp by Zhang Wei
  • Aftertaste209Aftertaste




【Multi-sensorial Walk-performance】(Concluded) 

With specially crafted scents inspired by the Museum’s collections that cater to diverse artistic tastes, the “Art Personalised: Masterpieces from the HKMoA” exhibition presents to you a personalised aesthetic journey beyond the visuals. The Hong Kong Museum of Art has engaged Scentory, a local cultural group, to organise a walk-performance titled Remember that we all are, offering you a one-of-a-kind multi-sensorial art experience. The performance combines powerful drumming and dancing, accompanied by mesmerising scents, taking you on a journey through the museum space to discover the exhibition from a fresh perspective. Join us for an unforgettable evening and let art rejuvenate your soul!

Date: 2024.01.14 (Sunday)
Time: 6:30 – 8:00 pm (Please arrive at G/F Lobby for the briefing session at 6:15 pm)
Venue: The Hall and the Wing, 1/F and G/F, Hong Kong Museum of Art
Concept and artistic director: Ms Vanessa Choi
Choreographer and dancer: Mr Stephen Lee
Drum performer: Ms Ziuhey Tse and Mr Tom Wong
Format: Live
Language: Cantonese

Open to all, free admission. The first 60 participants will receive a limited-edition experience kit for the performance, available on a first-come-first-served basis. Please visit HERE for the event details.

About Scentory: Founded in 2019 by Vanessa Choi, Scentory is an artist brand that curates personal experiences which awaken the five senses. Blurring the lines of live performance, visual art show and product curation, we present scented journeys and new ways of seeing that speak to our audience’s everyday lives. Notable productions include In Search of Palm Leaves walk-performance (2023) inspired by Thich Nhat Hanh’s “Fragrant Palm Leaves” and Violet music, dance and visual performance (2022); other collaborations include creating book and scent kits for author Hon Lai-chu, Sharky Chen and Daryl Qilin Yam.