Boundless Universe: Calligraphy by Jat See-yeu


  • Date
    From 2023.12.08
  • Venue
    Hong Kong Art Gallery, 2/F
  • Fee
The Hong Kong Museum of Art is deeply honoured to receive a generous donation of 123 sets of precious artworks from the family of Hong Kong calligraphist Jat See-yeu (1935 – 2009), marking the largest single donation of calligraphy works by an individual Hong Kong artist that the museum has ever received. This substantial contribution demonstrates their generous spirit and a steadfast commitment to the public good.

85 sets of Chinese calligraphy and paintings from the donation are exhibited in “Boundless Universe: Calligraphy by Jat See-yeu”. This exhibition will guide audiences into the world of Jat See-yeu’s calligraphy from four perspectives, allowing them to experience his passion for preserving tradition, his open-minded approach to life, and his innovative pursuits in the face of changing times.

Guided Tour for Public