Little Heads · Big Discovery ― Parent-child Art Enlightenment Resources for kids aged 2-6


Art is an important life experience during child development. According to psychologist Howard Gardner, art education can open up multiple intelligences in children and lay solid groundwork for holistic development.

"Little Heads · Big Discovery" is a series of parent-child art enlightenment resources for children aged 2 - 6. Parents and children are invited to enter the vibrant and multifarious world of art through entertaining ways of learning from "HKMoA Alphabet Cards" and "Look and Find Hand in Hand with Artists". Children could explore artworks of various times, styles and materials in the museum collections. This unique set of resources also cultivates concentration, aesthetic judgment, exploration, comprehension and expression, all important building blocks of multiple intelligences for the little brains. Indeed, all are welcome to try this novel art journey and experience diverse art from a whole new angle.

Parents are encouraged to explore different ways in using these learning materials. Please share with us your insights and experience in learning with your children on Instagram or Facebook (#HKMoA).