Love Letters: Everlasting Sentiments from the Xubaizhai Collection


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    Xubaizhai Gallery of Chinese Painting and Calligraphy, 2/F
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Love has always been a source of inspiration for artists. Romance, family ties, teacher-student bonds, friendship, patriotism... all these forms of love provide artists with an endless wellspring of creative energy. Over the centuries, Chinese artists have often suffused their painting, calligraphy and poetry with sentiments. Like love letters, their works of art are intimate whispers of affection murmuring eternal emotions. With love letter as the theme, the exhibition features 28 sets of selected collections from the Xubaizhai Collection, inviting the audience to discover the reserved and implicit emotions encapsulated in Chinese painting and calligraphy. 

Inspired by the sentiments found in the artworks of the Xubaizhai Collection, Hong Kong artist Tsang Kin-wah created a large-scale projection installation, Freezing Water: Between Here and There, connecting us to the emotional worlds of the artists now and then.

The exhibition is also one of the activities in the Chinese Culture Promotion Series. The LCSD has long been promoting Chinese history and culture through organising an array of programmes and activities to enable the public to learn more about the broad and profound Chinese culture. For more information, please visit

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