Tsang Kin-wah Freezing Water: Between Here and There A Site-specific Art Installation


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    Xubaizhai Gallery of Chinese Painting and Calligraphy, 2/F
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Inspired by the sentiments encapsulated in ancient Chinese paintings and calligraphy, Hong Kong artist Tsang Kin-wah created a large-scale projection installation, Freezing Water: Between Here and There. Taking reference from the classic “one river, two banks” composition of Chinese landscape painting, the artist infused religious, literary and cinematic elements, as well as his personal experience in his work. Through the interplay of contrasting black and white images with high and low pitched sounds, the installation leads the audience on a journey to discover their inner feelings and emotional changes. The work Freezing Water is on display in the exhibition "Love Letters: Everlasting Sentiments from the Xubaizhai Collection", inviting the audience to discover the deep emotions encapsulated in both ancient and contemporary art.

Tsang Kin-wah graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and Camberwell College of Arts in London. He started out creating text and pattern installations with paint and silkscreens and later moved on to digital projection. Since 2009, Tsang has started to use space in different ways to create sound and video installations that establish a relationship between the work and the audience. In 2015, Tsang represented Hong Kong to participate in the Venice Biennale, showcasing the video installation The Infinite Nothing.