Small Small World Panorama


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    The Attic, 5/F
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The Hong Kong Museum of Art offers a world of contrasts in art. When you visit the museum through the lens of diversity, what would you discover?

Drawing inspiration from the collections of the HKMoA, 60 youngsters from multicultural backgrounds and with different abilities explored the topics of biodiversity, cultural diversity and diverse abilities at the HKMoA and in their everyday life. With a group of multidisciplinary artists, they co-created an interactive exhibition with imaginative creatures and movable installations to encourage visitors to search for diversity and coexistence in art and life through play.

The exhibition welcomes different communities to the museum. A tactile map, a braille and tactile guide book, simple words, audio descriptions and wheelchair-friendly access are available in the gallery. 




  • Exhibition overview1100Exhibition overview
  • Reunion1102Reunion
  • Pond party and Hush Forest1103Pond party and Hush Forest
  • Frogs and mosquitoes1104Frogs and mosquitoes