Wu Guanzhong Art Sponsorship Cross-disciplinary Series: Wu Guanzhong x Chris Cheung


  • Date
    From 2024.03.22
  • Venue
    Lobby & Wu Guanzhong Art Gallery, 4/F
  • Fee

Hong Kong artist Chris Cheung and his creative team XCEED are invited to create two sets of site-specific art installations Falling Tears and Sentient Pond using emerging technology. Inspired by the paintings of Wu Guanzhong, a 20th century art master, these art installations offer fresh perspectives on the mesmerising allure of his classic works. They are on display alongside the Thematic Exhibition Series: “Wu Guanzhong: Between Black and White”, guiding the audience to discover the secrets behind the unconventional creations of Wu with a contemporary mindset. 

The artworks are made possible by “Wu Guanzhong Art Sponsorship: Cross-disciplinary Series”. The Sponsorship is dedicated to promoting the art of Wu Guanzhong and related modern Chinese art. Through a diversity of programmes, the Museum endeavours to carry forward the master’s innovative spirit by fostering dialogues across time and space with Wu’s art. 

Artist Statement & Biography
Falling Tears
Sentient Pond