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Lectures and Seminars

The HKMoA has organised a number of lectures and seminars and invited artists, scholars of different fields and curators to speak on topics such as art, culture, architecture and design. Included here are records of the lectures and seminars from 1983 onwards. Their recordings, in the form of CDs or DVDs, are available on site by appointment. The record will be updated when new material is available.

The copyright of the lecture and seminar content is owned by the presenters. Acquiring the appropriate rights and permissions for the purpose of the presentation is the sole responsibility of the presenter. The Museum does not confer approval as to the accuracy, validity, non-infringement and appropriateness of material included as part of the presentation. Users should be responsible for liability arising from the reliance upon the content.

For on-site access, please contact us at: 2721 0116.

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    • Year
    • Year2019
      TitleSpecial Programme in association with the exhibition "Hong Kong Experience.Hong Kong Experiment"—Curator Talk (Cantonese)
      SpeakersTang Man-leung, Raymond, Yu Chiu, Leona
    • Year2018
      CodeEHKA 2018.0001
      TitleGallery Talk—Lui Shou-kwan and Hong Kong Ink Art (Putonghua)
      SpeakersJoshua Yiu, Tang Man-leung, Raymond
    • Year2018
      TitleSharing by Judges: Tea Ware by Hong Kong Potters 2018 (Cantonese)
      SpeakersTakeshi Yasuda, Lee Chi-wing
    • Year2016
      TitleSharing Session of Award Winners for "Tea Ware by Hong Kong Potters 2016" (Cantonese)
      SpeakersHui Siu-chun, Szeto Kin, Vitus, Sai Lai-him, Louis
    • Year2015
      TitleFrom Apprenticeship to Curriculum – Chattering among Master Sculptor and Pupils
      SpeakersMok Kar-wing, Maria,
      Cheung Yee,
      Ho Siu-kee,
      Lam Laam, Jaffa
    • Year2015
      TitleRethinking Bamboo
      SpeakersFreeman Lau
    • Year2015
      TitleFrom Bamboo to Architectural Construct
      SpeakersYim Sen-kee, Rocco
    • Year2015
      TitleCurator Talk: 101 Things Every Curator Should Know
      SpeakersMok Kar-wing, Maria
    • Year2015
      TitleMeet the Museum Designers
      SpeakersLeo Chan,
      Catherine Fung,
      Chu Wai-hung,
      Philip Ng,
      Alan Kong,
      Jessica Chan,
      Teresa Wan
    • Year2015
      TitleOral History as Research Tool
      SpeakersLai Ming-hoi, Victor, Pang Yee-wan, Tina, Wong Wai-ling, Chan Pui, Pedith
    • Year2015
      TitleBuilding Communities and Validating Practices
      SpeakersChoi Yan-chi, Lai Mei-lin, Eliza, Lui Fung-ngar, Eddie, Ma Kwai-shun, Chiu Kam-shing
    • Year2015
      TitleIntroducing the "Hong Kong Art History Research Project—Phase II"
      SpeakersMok Kar-wing, Maria, Hammad Nasar, Michelle Wong
    • Year2015
      TitleSeminars for A Survey of Western Media Art in Pre-1960s Hong Kong (Phase I) (Cantonese)
      SpeakersLee Sai-chong, Jack, Lai Kin-keung, Edwin, Lam Tung-pang, Shieh Ka-ho, Wilson, Brown White, Mok Kar-wing, Maria
    • Year2014
      TitleArt is Memory: Wan Qingli's Collection of Art (English)
      SpeakersAida Yuen Wong
    • Year2014
      TitleThe Art of Lin Fengmian and His Arts Education (Putonghua)
      SpeakersFeng Ye
    • Year2014
      TitleHome and Away: Liverpool – Taipei – Hong Kong
      SpeakersMok Kar-wing, Maria,
      Leung Mee-ping,
      Chow Chun-fai,
      CoLAB x SLOW,
      Ching Chin-wai,
      Chan Sai-lok,
      Wendy Wo
    • Year2013
      TitleStories of the Museum at City Hall
      SpeakersTing Sun-pao, Joseph,
      Ho Kam-chuen
    • Year2013
      Title"Hong Kong Contemporary Art Awards 2012" Open Forum (Cantonese / English)
      Art Media Partner: Art Map
      SpeakersEman Lam,
      Chan Wang, Max,
      Ip Yuk-yiu,
      Hector Rodriguez
    • Year2013
      Title"Hong Kong Contemporary Art Awards 2012" Open Forum (Cantonese / English)
      Art Media Partner: Art Map
      SpeakersModerator: Tam Wai-ping, Lukas
      Speakers (Award-winning artists): Chui Pui-chee, Huen Siu-chan
    • Year2013
      TitleBonds of Memory: Stories Behind the Exhibits (Putonghua)
      SpeakersWan Qingli
    • Year2012
      TitleAll About Design – HKMA's Exhibition Designs in the Past and Present
      SpeakersKwan Wai-kan, Winnie
    • Year2011
      TitleAn Empowering Re-alignment of Time and Space – The Art of Ha Bik-chuen
      SpeakersCheng Yin-cheong
    • Year2011
      TitlePassion, Pleasure and Perfection : The Artists' World
      SpeakersLucia Cheung
    • Year2010
      TitleGallery Talk: New Vision: New Colours
      SpeakersChu Hing-wah,
      Lam Laam, Jaffa,
      Almond Chu,
      Simon Chau