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    HKMoA • The Makeover

    The Crossings

    Stories of Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware

    Our Collections

    "A Pleasure in Art: Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Appreciation" Animation:
    Exhausting extraordinary peaks for a sketch
    Dry ink and sparing brushwork
    The bamboo way
    A literati garden walk
    Into the earthly paradise
    Love across time and distances
    Picturing the Peach Blossom Spring
    Endless rivers and mountains
    The bliss of collecting art

    "Craft for Art's Sake: A Facelift for a Set of 12 Hanging Scrolls by Lan Ying" Video

    "The Wisdom of Emptiness: Selected Works from the Xubaizhai Collection" Video

    "The Best of Both Worlds: Acquisitions and Donations of the Chinese Antiquities" Video

    HKMoA • Four Core Collections

    Our Picks

    LCSD Edutainment Channel

    LCSD+++ Facebook Page

    101 Academy──Art Appreciation 101

    HKMoA Online Resources on International Platforms

    "Avowal through Withdrawal: Selected Paintings and Calligraphies from the Chih Lo Lou Collection" Virtual Exhibition

    "In Touch with Hong Kong Artists – A School-based Art Learning Pilot Programme" Teaching Kits

    "Wu Guanzhong: Sketching from Nature" learning kit on-the-go

    Demonstration on ink and colour techniques by Prof. Tong Kam-tang

    Demonstration on texture strokes by Prof. Tong Kam-tang

    Public Talk Series for "The Connoisseurship and Collection of the Master of Chih Lo Lou": From North to South: The Circulation of Chinese Paintings and Calligraphies taking Guangdong as a Case Study

    Public Talk Series for “The Connoisseurship and Collection of the Master of Chih Lo Lou”: Untold Stories of Collecting in Hong Kong

    Little Heads • Big Discovery──Parent-child Art Enlightenment Resources for kids aged 2-6

    "Classics Remix: The Hong Kong Viewpoint" Animation

    "Conservation of a Lithograph Print" Video

    The Hong Kong Jockey Club "Accessible Art @ HKMoA" Pilot Scheme

    Museum Dress Up

    "Sig. Tune for HKMoA: Creative Music Programme"──Documentary Full Version

    "Sig. Tune for HKMoA: Creative Music Programme"──Documentary Edited Version

    "On Your Seat, On Your Mind" Art Project Documentary

    "Where's Grandpa Ofu?" Parent-child Fun Kit

    "Where's Grandpa Ofu: Dr. X's Plan" Family Learning Kit

    The Sound of Art──Museum Sunday Concert Series

    "Mythologies: Surrealism and Beyond──Masterpieces from Centre Pompidou":
    "HKMoA Collections and Surrealism" Recap
    "Dreaming in Hong Kong"

    The Hong Kong Jockey Club Series: Botticelli and His Times──Masterworks from the Uffizi:
    Exhibition Pamphlet
    Letter from Botticelli
    Modern Reflective Cards
    Highlights of Live Streaming Tour

    "Jockey Club Education Programmes: A Chinese Scholar's Studio Tour" Online Resources:
    Animation of Returning home with a qin by Tang Yin
    A tale of clay: how ceramics are made
    The art and craft of jade-carving
    Sericulture: from silkworms to garments

    Highlights of the educational series "An Aesthetic Encounter: Ancient Chinese Painting" (Cantonese, Chinese subtitle only):
    An imaginary landscape journey
    Painting landscapes in texture stroke (cun)
    Perpetual seasons
    Reinventing the classics

    "The Breath of Landscape" Exhibition Documentary:
    Capture the sky
    Art installation "Capture the sky" documentary video
    Move the mountains
    Shape the water
    Feel the breeze
    Echo with clouds

    "Rediscovering Landscape" Exhibition Documentary:
    To engage, to compose

    "A Day at HKMoA" Learning Resources:
    Picture Book
    Picture Book Supplementary Guide

    "A Journey into Wu Guanzhong's Jiangnan" Art Education Documentary:
    Hometown Affection
    Longing for Jiangnan
    Blossoms Blooming Everywhere
    Whose House Could Boast of a Sweeter Delight?
    Dots, Lines, Planes and Beyond
    Five Fated Encounters

    "Five Senses at HKMoA" Online Programmes:
    "Floating Landscape with A Cappella" music video creation
    "Floating Landscape with A Cappella" promotional video
    "Seaside Journey with Singing Bowls" promotional video
    "Art Theatre about To Love or Not" promotional video
    "Five Senses at HKMoA" Programme Highlights

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