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The HKMoA is committed to collecting artworks by local artists and their donated personal materials, and at the same time carrying out research projects in collaboration with various organisations and individuals using the Museum's collections and materials. This part contains the collection artists, their donated materials and outcomes of the research projects to aid research into Hong Kong art. Appointments are required for on-site access to some of the audio and visual materials, while other material has been put online for public access. New materials will continue to be uploaded.

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The HKMoA has been collaborating with local organisations and individuals to launch research projects with respect to Hong Kong art, discussing various topics covering the history, influences and styles that inform Hong Kong art. More material will be uploaded when the research outcomes are available.
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    • Year2020
      TitleA Survey of Western Media Art in Pre-1960s Hong Kong (Phase II)
      Material / AccessView
    • Year2018
      TitleResearch on Seal Collection of the Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware and Seal Carving in Lingnan
      Material / AccessView
    • Year2015
      TitleA Survey of Western Media Art in Pre-1960s Hong Kong (Phase I)
      Material / AccessView
    • Year2014
      TitleHong Kong Art History Research Project – Phase II
      Material / AccessView
    • Year2013
      TitleHong Kong Art History Research – Pilot Project
      Material / AccessView